travel: a broad

Dec 21


I know my original plan was to arrive in Aus in November but there was a slight shuffling of plans.. Since I am now heading off in 2 weeks to Central America for 2-3 months with a friend of mine from back home, I am then heading to …Sydney!!! I’ve got my work visa all lined up and provided  my x-ray exam confirms that I don’t have Tuberculosis haha I will be good to go.  I’m looking to be working in Sydney for 3-4 months, and am hoping that finding a job is plausible.. from then on, India with a particular favourite of mine


Dec 19

Final Countdown

It’s the final countdown…. be new new newwww… With high hopes of a great adventures with great mate Kenz, I am fast approaching the next frontier of Central America!! A grey day in Nanaimo offers anticipation for my journey into the sun!

To Do: Clean room, Christmas shop, and inexplicably raise enough funds to never (or not for while) return! 

Apr 10

Under Construction

Here marks the re-birth of my blog.  The slim chance that something may evolve out of this endeavor is the inspiration for this under-taking

Dec 01

Happy 50th and 54th Birthday Mum and Dad, hope all is well on the home front!!! Lots of Love to everyone. ps Miss you but am never coming home!! just kidding..maybe

Nov 28


Today,the last day in Ntown for a bit, weeeooooo… headin off for a while with some kids i kinda know, should be grand!